More than 95% of Americans are reached by media targeting vehicle drivers and passengers.

Mobile Billboards

Given our new normal and coping with Covid-19, forcing people to work from home, making for less highway traffic and less transit riders; OOH(Out of Home) advertising has taken a hit. As businesses are starting to reopen, people still practice social distancing, and will for quite sometime. More and more companies may continue to adopt working from home. Here in current time, brands still need to get their message to their target audiences, and without a doubt, more now than usual. Less traffic on highways and major intersections makes for less impressions for the traditional advertising methods, such stationary billboards, or even city transit buses. There is still traffic outside but more confined and closer in local areas.

We are here to continue to bring your brand's messages to these local areas which may lack OOH advertising. Imagine picking that billboard up and taking your message to your target audience? We can take you to the hot spots, where the most impressions are! One of the benefits of Mobile billboard trucks is that we remove the limits that constrain traditional marketing methods. We add that convenient flexibility to your advertising options in regards to location, demographics, time-frames, and frequencies, as a standard.


Current Campaigns & Services

Through their current Celebration Campaign, KG3 Mobile Ads have taken this time to give back and restore hope within the communities, by offering a way for families to celebrate their graduates safely, and memorably. In addition to creating the Class of 2020 Celebration Campaign, KG3 Mobile Ads is also donating three Ad placements on their Mobile Billboard truck, to honor Student Athletes at their hometown high school, Academy Park in Sharon Hill, Pa.

The Students were nominated by the Coach at Academy Park.


Among those honorees are Ian Francis, Alex Jaje, and Aasiyah Bey, who was a senior at Academy Park High School, who passed away at the beginning of the school year. She was a 2x cancer survivor and 3x cancer warrior, as she lost her long fight with cancer. She was an academic powerhouse, as she maintained the role of an honor role student that was also amazing at tennis and softball.

Billboard Reveal for Aasiyah Bey

Sharon Hill, PA

Our Graduates will not go unrecognized or uncelebrated if KG3 Mobile Advertising has anything to do with it! Limits of tradition should not stop us from creating epic memories in light of our accomplishments, and that is why we have incorporated this unique opportunity into our mobile advertising services. 

How amazing would it be to gift your graduate with an experience like this? Have their photos or school pictures magnified on a 5ft x 7ft mobile billboard, and celebrated across the community! — By typical day, we run Rotating Mobile Ads on our billboard truck, for businesses and brands that are looking to expand their marketing reach without limit. We’ve appreciated the support of our clients and of the community who consistently interacts with our ads, therefore we are honored to be here for you during this celebratory time, when our scholars from Youth on up to our Seniors, are certifying COMPLETION in various levels of education! We are extremely proud of these families and individuals, as we too have loved ones who have strived and achieved despite this pandemic. 

The Celebration Campaign

Our services are geared toward the direct needs of our clients, as we operate with your targeted goal at our top priority. We work with you through the process to verify your ad art, as well as help you narrow down the best target areas for your market. Our goal is to help you increase sales and traffic, based on a greater awareness for your brands and services, through interactive mobile ads and strategic geographical routing.


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"In an average lifetime, people spend 4 years traveling in cars and

6 months for a red light

to turn green."

- The US Vehicle Study

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